Friday, June 5, 2009

Stuck-in-Traffic Meal

Will somebody explain to me please the correlation between rain and traffic?
Of course it's always traffic in Manila regardless of the weather but for some reason, it becomes at least 5x heavier when there's rain!

There were unexpected downpours over summer (global warming is not a myth people!)and it has gotten more frequent lately.

Last Wednesday was the first really bad byahe from office to home so Tats and I were unprepared... we were hungry, thirsty and he needed to pee. But last night we were ready - he brought leftovers from an office training at the Pen (thanks tita Brenda!), I had a 500ml bottle of water and both our bladders were clear.

Along with the George Michael playlist, we attacked the vegetable sushi and smoked beef brisket - I begged and begged but he wouldn't let me have any of the raw salmon. I didn't realize he could be so firm about depriving me but then again maybe he just wanted it all for himself. For dessert we had non-spectacular but pwede na creme brulee.

The traffic was not as bad as the night before... until we got to Bicutan and Tats' tummy was going wild for No. 2. HAH - must be all the salmon!

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