Monday, June 8, 2009

Wilcon Tile Shopping

I LOVE WILCON!I've actually never been in one until recently with our home-renovation project and I was blown away by the choices of fixtures especially the tiles and the seemingly endless combination you can come up with!

We can't afford to change the house's faux-marble flooring yet, but it's actually not so bad and we might not have to until maybe after a long time. Thus we have to work with a color scheme that goes with it. First we took pictures of the different rooms then off to Wilcon, but we were mostly overwhelmed with everything that we didn't get to decide on anything!

Accompanied by our ninang/contractor Tita Evelyn (whose house is simply divine!) the second time, we had a clearer picture of what we wanted and will be able to afford. So we picked wood-panel-looking tiles for the Master's Bathroom and black-&-white ones for the bathroom downstairs.

Over the weeks we were agonizing over the cost of granite for the kitchen counter which will require 2 slabs at over P6k each. I asked Tita Evelyn if tiles will do and she suggested the plain-porcelain type for the counter with mosaic ones for the splashboard. Armed with measurements and our trusty digicam, Tats and I were off to Wilcon on our own.

After sweeping the expansive array we got dizzy and decided to break by selecting a sink which was easy enough considering the available sizes and especially the prices! After making a choice, we boldly went back to the tiles. We found the perfect semi porcelain base at barely P300 each for a 60cmx60cm. The quest for the ultimate mosaic was harder as most were either too psychedelic or too country (fruits, veggies..) I ventured off to the ceramic floor tiles and found 2 potentials except they're made in China and thus too porous said the attendant. But the guy at the Mariwasa section assured us that the local ones are ok so we picked the Brown-brick ones at P32 each for 30cm x 30cm to go with our base.

With an accomplished grin, off we went to deliver the goods to the house. After laying them down - I realized to my horror that they clash with the floor! Thank goodness both the base and mosaic come in Gray-based scheme which goes perfectly with the floor as well as the bathroom!

Back we went to Wilcon with little trouble coz the exchange items were of the same price but took a long wait nevertheless. The carpenters already left when we got back so poor Tats hauled everything himself. We got home at 7pm, tired and hungry for an entire day has gone by and we never got to eat lunch. Tats probably lost 10lbs but we're happy - including the sink we spent only around P6k total equivalent to the price of one granite slab.

Can't wait to show you the before and after pics! =)

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