Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Lite & Fresh Lunch

I've been following Market Man's posts on his food adventures in Paris lately and all those food stores seem so deliciously amazing!

Last Saturday, Tats and I went to Greenhills early for his lunch reunion with friends at Chili's. I was excited by the prospect of trying something different on my own as he's a creature of habit and usually chooses to eat at the tried-and-tested restaurants experimenting only with places with prior recommendation from reliable sources.

I wanted to look for Angel's Kitchen but figured it's not within walking distance from V-mall, at least not for somebody 8mos along the way. Since I have not had breakfast, my grumbling stomach with a kickin' & screamin' baby brought me to the nearest, haven't before tried food stores within a 20-ft radius. And I must say that I seem to have a little gourmand of a bun in the oven!

First stop was Beju: The Fruit Store, I've always wanted to go inside but never got to. Lo and behold the bounty - they were so beautiful I almost broke into a song! Fruits and flowers are always delightful to me be they in the market, mall or sidewalk. The difference with this store is at close inspection, the produce are oh so perfectly smooth in different palettes and I bet they're succulent too, plus it also helps that they're displayed in wooden pails and natural baskets. Common favorites like apples, mangoes, oranges, bananas and lychees with exotic ones like plums, dragonfruits, cherries and others I have not seen before! They also serve fruit shakes, smoothies and medley snacks of fresh slices, very enticing but not hefty enough for brunch. I opted for a medium-sized shake and asked the cashier's recommendation... Orange-Banana, haven't tried that before. At P60, it's the same price as the more commercial stalls except Beju is a lot more generous with fruits and less on syrup. Very fruitty indeed!

I was almost halfway through my drink by the time I got to Milkyway right next door. I've eaten at their Pasay Road branch several times and love their Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali both being deep-fried parts of a cochinillo. Practically all items on their menu have brought me much joy espcially when capped by a refreshing scoop of buko sorbet. But the Greenhills branch is sort of a deli/ turu-turo type where you can buy their bottled and packed food items or choose from 8-10 viands featured for the day.

My fruit shake was making me feel all healthy inside so I opted to get the Chicken-Asparagus Sandwich for complement. Subtle mayo, flaked chicken, white asparagus and tomato slices stacked cold in trimmed bread coupled with the cool, tangy shake - the combination was fantastic! I savored every bite, finished with a fresh-just-right fullness and was very satisfied. It dawned on me that this is how meals are supposed to be taken, relaxed and appreciated as God intended thus making eating one of our greatest pleasures. I thought of my hurried meals and rubbish calories from undeserving foods of the past - to be absolutely avoided from hereon.

I just read in today's Phil. Star that Amici (the one in Don Bosco) not only opened a branch but also a specialty gelato-bar, Cara Mia in Connecticut Ave. Wow, these and Angel's Kitchen, can't wait for my next visit to Greenhills! =)

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