Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sucat Road Discourse

Nearing the end of another arduous traffic going home, Tats brought up our dilemma of whether we’re having Nacho baptized or not. Still not equipped with a solution, I closed the matter by holding off the decision until his first birthday when we can celebrate both milestones together should we go for the affirmative.

Although Catholic-raised, Tats and I stopped going to church a long time before we even met. Despite his mom’s insistence for a church ceremony, we went on to have a civil wedding. We believe in the existence of God sans the religious faith but admittedly, the absence of structured belief give way to so many liberties.

We both agree that our relationship lacks spirituality… and how are we to impart to our child something that we barely have? We pondered on whether desire was enough to form a link with God or helping people out would be a more productive project to bond over. But what sort of project?

Before we could come up with an answer, we were home already where the basic needs of being sheltered, fed, cleansed and comforted took precedence over abstract matters such as nourishing the spirit.

We are not bad people, but we live mainly for ourselves in our own little world. For Nacho we want a more meaningful life, the sort that may not bring him material wealth but so much fulfillment and happiness.

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