Saturday, April 23, 2011

heart's desires

On the subject of dream cars, Tats wants a Hummer and I want a Rav4, incredulously he exclaimed, "cheap mo naman, dream car na nga Rav4 lng!" Well in the SUV category it's the one I feel I can actually drive and yes, I am a simpleton when it comes to most aspirations of luxuries... I've never really desired Louis Vuitton's monogrammed essentials, if I can actually afford designer accessories I'd probably be happy enough with Kenneth Coles.

The topic has gotten me thinking, do I not put a premium on myself to want only the best in this life? Or maybe cars and fashion just aren't my passions. So I dug deep for my deepest desires and came up with these...
- to see the world with my family, Turkey, most parts of Europe, Japan, most parts of Africa etc.
- a spacious garden where I can savor the finest wines with family and friends, with Tats or with myself
- for my son to study in at least one of the best universities abroad
- for Tats to be able to open the Toy Store of his dreams
- a writing career that can touch lives and help change the world
- a healthier earth
- a safe and happy society

I do have grand dreams after all =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

In your eyes

In your eyes I am beautiful
as if I am the reason that the sun shone
Your look makes me feel like the shiniest apple
and your eyes are for me alone
In these times I bask and cherish
for I know that someday
things won't be the same no matter how hard I wish
you will find another girl my son and make her feel the same way

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

High Hopes

It is Tats' fervent wish that Nacho take after my smarts and his looks (odavah, ilong pa lang?!)... perish the thought that it be the other way around. Thus, as early as six months our son has been on Cherifer already. Ayoko salubungin pero in fairness, it does seem effective!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fowl Words

last weekend's highlights, Nacho shouting "CHICKEN" when he saw a hen outside the window and appending "QUACK QUACK" to my, "the duck says..." - I've become such a cliche of a mom!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Blackfoot

My husband and I stayed with his parents in the first three years of marriage until getting pregnant made us realize it’s time to grow out of our “boarder-like” existence of being cocooned in our room with junk food and DVDs going out only when called to meals.

We were lucky to find a townhouse in Las Pinas that we could afford through bank loan and amortization started just when we finished paying off our car. The building is old so most of our savings went into the major overhaul but it’s a corner unit facing the park so it seemed more spacious than the 95sqm. two-storey unit that it is.

I took to domesticity like fish to water with my rotating 5-week menu, baby’s daily itinerary and weekend chore & recreation schedule. I enjoyed keeping house and attributed my son’s rosy cheeks to the breeze and sunlight that gently stream from our open yard into the doors and windows.

It is when my son started walking and the househelp had to leave that reality set-in… I am no Martha Stewart!

My work schedule is flexible so I was pretty sure I could manage. As soon as my son slept I quickly went about cooking, washing and cleaning, no problem! Then I took a bath and was ready to play by the time my son awoke. I read all his books and chased him around our bare living room until he got hungry so I gave him a bottle of milk. He contentedly lay down watching TV and I was mighty proud of myself until I saw the bottom of his chubby little feet… they were black!

Apparently my well-ventilated little nest was lined with layers of dust from the intersecting roads outside and sweeping with walis tambo only makes the particles scatter about. I quickly washed my son’s feet and scoured the floor with a damp mop. A closer inspection of the nooks and crannies of our house revealed more dust everywhere and as the reality of a filthy abode sank deeper, my subconscious whispered that it’s also unusually silent… I scanned the room and shrieked in absolute horror at the sight of my son brushing his face against the soiled whiskers of the broom!

I need change, I need to start the doom of the broom, I need help!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Amazing Nacho-boy!

Of course he's amazing - he's my son!

More than vanity, I say this because like all other mothers, there is no other child more amazing to me than my own. His every fete is an event because he's the only kid I spend the most time with.

At the risk of being shameless talking to anybody who most probably would not care to listen, I'll just write down snippets about Nacho that gets this momma brimming with pride and joy... for his future reference when he already hates me and thinks that I hate him too...
- he knows his alphabet (almost completely) already
- he loves his books & insists we read to him over and over, thank goodness for Dr. Seuss Apple apps
- he can count to ten, but does it only when he thinks nobody's listening
- he likes shocking or disgusting us by sticking his fingers up his nose or chasing us with soiled hands
- he ignores aggression from bigger kids. last Saturday at the grocery, while Nacho was pushing our cart, a girl about 4yrs old holding a hotdog on stick went up to him and started shouting "this is mine! mine". he just stared and went on pushing... of course Tats didn't let it slide and remarked "that's the price of beauty anak... and to think you're the boy", shempre sumimangot yung tatay ng batang babae!
- he has a naughty sense of humor! his favorite play is poking Tats in the bellybutton and nipples, hilarious how his father attempt to shield all 3 from Nacho's attacks
- he would attempt to climb on anything and everything but will go down when you say "Nacho baba!"
- when a car door opens, he'd be the first to climb in... lakwatserong bata!
- he attempts to sing gthe long Tagalog words to Out of Body Special's "Kamakailan Lang"
- he adores me above all else... for now