Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How do you keep the music playing?

it's a slow day in the office so i got to checking my long forgotten Friendster account and came across this photo of Tats and me when i surprised him with a small party on his 30th birthday... it's been almost 3 years ago and i don't think we've had another "kilig" photo since.

we got free movie tickets from our credit card company valid for two months and i had to give them away right before they expired. last week i joked to tats about us going out on a date..."why?", he asked.

we've only been married 5 years and already we're embarrassed to be affectionate with each other. over the daily grind, we've become effective partners and doting parents. but how do we bring back the lovers who talked for hours and felt proud to be with the hottest person on the planet?

the lowest moment of my married life was when i was waiting in the lobby to meet with a boss. a guy in his office lingered and i heard him ask the guard about me. i was glad he found me attractive, which i didn't feel anymore from the man who matters to me most. i left the building in tears.

i understand now that it takes a lot of effort to make marriages work. it's not enough to just let love take it's natural course - without paved roads, love may get lost and never be found