Monday, June 29, 2009

My Ziggy-faced Nacho

Had a most unpleasant experience at the OB-GYN Ultrasound Center Alabang yesterday.
First the doctor was late and then she wouldn't let Tats into the room, "Nakita na naman nya yan dati di ba? Ayan o lalaki, alam nyo na yun di ba?" (he's seen this before already, you know it's a boy right?) I don't know where she got off being overly familiar when I've never encountered her before and the doctors there in previous scans were much nicer. Nacho was kicking and squirming the whole time that horrid woman was running the stick over my belly.

Tats had to contend himself with the screen of the receptionist who was nice enough to interpret the image her first reaction being... "Ayan Sir o, ang laki ng pisngi ng anak nyo!" (your child's cheek is so plump)

At 35 weeks, Nacho is already 6.5lbs and i look like i'm ready to explode anytime. Unenthusiastically, she pointed out the liver, kidney etc. When I asked if the lungs are fully developed, she looked at me incredulously and shook her head as if i just asked the stupidest question of the century.

After paying and getting the results, Tats and I left without bothering to make small talk. As soon as were out the door, we both agreed how much we hated that doctor. Then we opened the envelope and took in the features of our ziggy-faced baby... at least there was something pleasant to balance the day's scale.


  1. Ay naasar ako bigla a. I don't like her.
    Sis, Im soo excited for you and Tats. Good luck!

  2. yep, she's a total BI-ATCH! mejo labas naman sa face nya so there goes karma.
    anyway, thanks sis, sana kayanin ko pa iluwal sha thru normal delivery =)