Monday, July 25, 2011


The Amigas, as we called ourselves back in college, thought we would be living the Sex & the City life as we go about our successful careers, sharing a posh condo in Makati where we can shop, dine and party as much as we want.

12 years later...
Tams a.k.a Charlotte - the pretty and always proper prom queen is a stay-at-home mom of two with businesses on digital designs, production and printing on the side
Mau a.k.a Samantha - the adventurous temptress is a single mom working in a global financial institution whose stability belies her complex personal life
Ivy a.k.a Carrie - I thought I was Carrie but given her edgy take on fashion and wanderlust, Ivy is it... a blushin' newlywed who avoids the public pressure of childbearing by jetsetting with her husband
Me a.k.a Miranda - self employed mother of a terrible-two with another baby on the way. tries to remain sane by putting household and everyone within a mile radius in order

It's been ages since we got to catch up... oh we would get together in one or another's wedding and one or another child's birthday... until finally, a proper dinner in a nice and quiet restaurant with just the four of us!

Ordering was an icebreaker in itself given new food preferences and restrictions. after going through Momo Cafe's entire menu all with portions for sharing, we finally settled on Momo salad, potato skin with cheese fondue, chicken wings, pizza and cheesecake - that out of the way, the chatterfest began!

Updates although hurried were candid, quips and quotes flew back and forth oblivious to the posh diners surrounding our table. We all had cameras but we were so deep in conversation that nobody remembered to take a group photo of that very rare occasion! It's funny that no matter how much you thought you've changed, you always revert to the unpolished rock you were when thrown back in the mines. We were raw, stripped of all pretensions... who else can we be our truest selves with other than the dearest friends who knew us before we became diamonds.

Without a cue, we unanimously decided at 10pm that it was time to go home to our individual lives. We are all someplace we never thought we would be but without any regret... we have after all become better versions of ourselves at least in each others' eyes.

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