Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Mommy’s Rainy Day Musing

I went with my sister to get her medical requirements for Australian visa application. Companions were not allowed so I waited at the dingy restaurant across the St. Luke’s Medical Center building in Malate. There I saw two babies both about a year old but under very different circumstances. One was sleeping peacefully as her mother went around the tables asking for alms while the other was bawling his eyes out as his young and very attractive parents tried to console him by bringing him back in the air-conditioned confines of their luxury car.

Maybe at infancy we already start adapting to life’s situations. When you’re used to all your needs being met, you get easily troubled by the slightest discomfort while if you’re used to heat and hunger, you learn to just sleep them off.

I thought about how I’m raising my son… he’s at the terrible two stage where he exhausts the lights out of me. Nacho can get very physical and temperamental that I start to wonder if it’s him or I might be doing something wrong. I already cancelled access to his favorite Incredible Hulk videos, introduced him to coloring activities and would reward him with dessert only after a proper meal, but nothing can seem to alleviate his stubbornness. Parents I know tell me this worst part will eventually pass… I really do hope so before I turn into a Casey Anthony.

When my son is old enough to understand I will expose him to the reality that while he will not get everything he wants, he still luckier than most kids… I just pray he grows up to be grateful for his blessings and selfless enough to share them.

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