Sunday, June 12, 2011

Papa's Day

It's been three months since our last househelp. The past 4 weeks have been crazy hectic for both Tats and I so for Father's Day, I proposed a row-eat-movie day underscoring the "date" factor of it just being the two of us. "What about Nacho?" Tats says, "He's sort of the essence of my being a father" - ok fiiiiine, and so Nacho comes along!

The three of us started the day with a trip to the market for our meat supply of the week. I was pointing out the fruits and veggies to my son and for some reason, he would laugh uncontrollably every time I said "pechay"! We went back home for breakfast and shower then off to Cartimar for Tats' jersey... he didn't get to buy anything but I did and we toured Nacho to the pet shops where his mouth was agape the whole time especially when he saw the vibrant fish in the aquarium. Lunch was at Highlands Steakhouse where we were seated near the solo singer/guitarist who Nacho exchanged smiles with the whole time... Tats and I were happy knowing that our son made him feel appreciated amidst the dining crowd. Much later was Nacho's cinema debut. I was very apprehensive that he would make a scene and we will be asked to leave but surprisingly, we got through the entire "X-Men First Class" and actually understood the story!

This day made me realize how lucky Nacho and I are for a husband/ father who provides for us and wants us with him at all times. Happy Father's Day Tats! =)

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