Saturday, April 23, 2011

heart's desires

On the subject of dream cars, Tats wants a Hummer and I want a Rav4, incredulously he exclaimed, "cheap mo naman, dream car na nga Rav4 lng!" Well in the SUV category it's the one I feel I can actually drive and yes, I am a simpleton when it comes to most aspirations of luxuries... I've never really desired Louis Vuitton's monogrammed essentials, if I can actually afford designer accessories I'd probably be happy enough with Kenneth Coles.

The topic has gotten me thinking, do I not put a premium on myself to want only the best in this life? Or maybe cars and fashion just aren't my passions. So I dug deep for my deepest desires and came up with these...
- to see the world with my family, Turkey, most parts of Europe, Japan, most parts of Africa etc.
- a spacious garden where I can savor the finest wines with family and friends, with Tats or with myself
- for my son to study in at least one of the best universities abroad
- for Tats to be able to open the Toy Store of his dreams
- a writing career that can touch lives and help change the world
- a healthier earth
- a safe and happy society

I do have grand dreams after all =)

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