Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Amazing Nacho-boy!

Of course he's amazing - he's my son!

More than vanity, I say this because like all other mothers, there is no other child more amazing to me than my own. His every fete is an event because he's the only kid I spend the most time with.

At the risk of being shameless talking to anybody who most probably would not care to listen, I'll just write down snippets about Nacho that gets this momma brimming with pride and joy... for his future reference when he already hates me and thinks that I hate him too...
- he knows his alphabet (almost completely) already
- he loves his books & insists we read to him over and over, thank goodness for Dr. Seuss Apple apps
- he can count to ten, but does it only when he thinks nobody's listening
- he likes shocking or disgusting us by sticking his fingers up his nose or chasing us with soiled hands
- he ignores aggression from bigger kids. last Saturday at the grocery, while Nacho was pushing our cart, a girl about 4yrs old holding a hotdog on stick went up to him and started shouting "this is mine! mine". he just stared and went on pushing... of course Tats didn't let it slide and remarked "that's the price of beauty anak... and to think you're the boy", shempre sumimangot yung tatay ng batang babae!
- he has a naughty sense of humor! his favorite play is poking Tats in the bellybutton and nipples, hilarious how his father attempt to shield all 3 from Nacho's attacks
- he would attempt to climb on anything and everything but will go down when you say "Nacho baba!"
- when a car door opens, he'd be the first to climb in... lakwatserong bata!
- he attempts to sing gthe long Tagalog words to Out of Body Special's "Kamakailan Lang"
- he adores me above all else... for now

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