Friday, December 31, 2010

A Better Version of Me

A friend got 5 free tickets to "Splendide: The Grand National China Acrobatics Circus" and I was glad she chose me to one of her lucky recipients because the show was amazing! I made a mental note to watch such show with my boys maybe when Nacho is turns three or up so he can appreciate it more.

I thanked our sponsor profusely for the invitation and then she goes, "I'm glad you made it. I thought you wouldn't accept because you're now a mom". Quickly I replied, "Hey I just had a baby but I'm still the same person!"

As we 5 ladies dispersed, I could not help but think about the remark. She's right, I have been begging off from a lot of engagements since I got pregnant. The series of reasonings include:
- "I'm not very presentable right now"
- "I'm lactating"
- "I miss my son"
- "I don't have a yaya"
- "I'm really tired"

They're all valid reasons but eventually... there was hardly any invitation. I was feeling so depressed recently and the few people I could run to were unavailable - I realized then that there really are very "few" of them left.

This coming year, I have resolved to do a makeover of myself:
- I will be fitter and healthier, and will run even by myself
- even when I feel shitty inside, outside I will try to look my best
- I will drive when I can and commute when I can't
- I will read more (and expand my materials beyond food blogs)
- I will write more
- I will be a better friend to my friends and make new ones
- I will travel more

But I will not lose sight of the things I'm doing right... I will continue to be a hardworking entrepreneur, a prudent homemaker, an understanding wife and a doting mom.


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