Monday, October 25, 2010

The Papa Also Rises

Over a midnight snack of leftover pasta and iced tea, Tats told me how worried he felt about Nacho... particularly how he would fare around other kids.

We came from a rare get together with 3 of my bestest friends from college: Tams who has 2 kids, Mau who's a new mom and Ivy, a bride-to-be in two months. Nacho wreaked havoc in Mau's house, challenged Tams' maternal instincts and terrorized Ivy into wondering if she can handle the whole motherhood gig. He made no connection whatsoever with any of the other kids around.

Being the only grandkid from Tats' side of the family (where we deposit our son 2-4x/ week), Nacho is more used to playing with adults than with children. Previous encounters with older kids usually ended up with the bigger ones grabbing the toys and Nacho moving away to his own play area (usually the stairs). Tats explained to me how it breaks his heart to see our son get upended but also feels proud how he moves on unaffected.

My husband wants what we had with our respective siblings - primary happiness within the family circle that the rest becomes supplementary. He cites the protective shields of Ethan&Yaz, Lois&Carlos - it would be great for Nacho to have a brother or a sister but not yet anytime soon. Right now we want to fill him up with our undivided love until he has enough to share around.


  1. Hello, Queen-Bee and King of the Queen-Bee :-)
    Nacho will be perfectly fine. We had the same concern over Trish but looking back now, I realize there was nothing to worry about. Nacho will have all his socialization needs fulfilled when he goes to school. I wouldn't be so worried during this time that he's "one of the guys" among adults. He's doing what he does best --- being a toddler. And hearing Tats' pride and joy when he talks about you and Nacho and seeing what a cool mom you are, you're both doing just fine, my friends. :-)

  2. kapatid,kaya pala ako lang kabiruan ni nacho instead na sina lois at carlos! hahaah! seriously, i salute you and tats for doing a great job in raising nacho . I was just overwhelmed sa 4 na batang nakita ko kahapon! hahaha!