Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Honeys

I’ve always been surrounded with very strong women; my lola, mom, sisters, friends, colleagues – sometimes I conclude that females are generally full of character… except that once in a while I come across really “DUH” ones, but that’s another story.

This one is about the most significant men in my life. I last saw my father when I was around five years old so the first one is my lolo who taught me how to read and cut my hair to look like a boy. He died when I was 11.

I had a stepdad who was not really the paternal type but a good man nevertheless. I remember us eating Chinese every Sunday after mass and my little sister would always steal the generous tip he would leave behind. He was stricter than my mom so when boys started visiting the house, he would lie down on the couch and watch TV until the visitor left.

I’ve had boyfriends but always found them immature, not because they were but because I was too old for my years. I swore the next one should at least be 10 years older… but then I met Tats.

Not only is Tats 50 days younger, he also wore the most absurd outfits like checkered golf pants with basketball jersey in one of our early dates, then a French maid dress with lacy apron when we had coffee after his mom’s birthday costume party. He had thinning hair but his megawatt smile can light up a stadium. My first official act as his girlfriend was to shave his head and he’s been bald ever since.

He didn’t like reading until I introduced him to Dan Brown. He uses chopsticks at every opportunity after I taught him how regardless if he’s just in Chowking. I designated him balancer of our credits which he claims to have aged him. While he taught me to be at my actual age 10 years younger than how I was. We’re very different from each other so every day is a work in progress.

I’m going on the 32nd week of my pregnancy and we’re having a boy. We’re calling him Nacho from Jack Black’s “luchador” character. It’s actually Javier Ignacio, the first name after my former boss Xavi who made our Punta Fuego beach wedding possible and who has the chubbiest cheeks challenging the strongest restraint for a pinch.

Two men will be the most significant in our soon-to-be-home... of which naturally I shall be Queen! =)

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