Friday, May 29, 2009

Ang Tunay na Banana-Q

I was majorly shocked when I discovered that not only are bananas in Manila sold per piece at P1.50 (it was 1989), they're also deep-fried with brown sugar, skewered and marketed as Banana-Q!

Growing up in a province where saba (plantains) were practically free with my lolo's vast plantation of different variants, I contemplated a revolt against my family's decision to move into this absurd city for good! But as malleable as young minds go - I eventually adjusted to the urban snack of junk and fast foods driving memories of my daily banana meriendas (seriously in all versions possible - maruya, canchi-canchi, rebusado, dulce saging, bayu-bayo, name it!) deep, deep down my subconscious.

I have this theory that as we get older, we revert to the food that we grew up with even the ones we hated. Not only do they bring back memories of more innocent times, we also start refining our tastes as to how our parents appreciate buro, kinilaw etc.

And so it happened, my banana yearnings surfaced at a period when my appetite is at its most insatiable - maternity!

I'd have Dole cavendish in the office (P12 each at 7-11 and Ministop) and plantains now at P3.50 each which I would slice in half, pop in the toaster for 15 minutes, slather with salted butter and sprinkle with a generous amount of muscovado sugar on top. It's weird to the people at home and to my officemates when I bring some for baon. But I don't care coz it's delicious and this my friend is the real McCoy... ang tunay na Banana-Q!

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