Thursday, August 5, 2010

My 1 TV/House Rule

My 1 TV/House Rule

1. Having a TV in the room will make you stay cooped up in the room reducing opportunities for interaction in the household.
2. Watching TV while eating distracts not only from the meal but from opportunity to catch up with each other.
3. Always have spaghetti in stock - it's a quick and affordable way to feed surprise guests.
4. Doing the grocery with the hubby can be an alternate version of a date.
5. Full Cream Milk can substitute for All Purpose Cream.
6. Dishwashing Liquid can substitute for Baby Bottle Liquid Wash.
7. Honey can substitute for Maple Syrup but not vice versa.
8. An ugly view will not transform itself – take drastic measures if necessary.
9. You only have two feet so you should be able to live by a pair of slippers. Other pairs should be kept out of sight.
10. Plan your weekly menu lest you end up eating fried food until cooking oil starts coming out of your ears.
11. A filthy house for a day will not kill you.
12. Using commercial food sauces and mixes does not make you a lesser person.
13. If both husband and wife earn money for the household then they are equally responsible for running it.
14. If you want to be Queen then you should have your own kingdom.
15. If you want to be Queen then you should let your husband be King.

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